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The Carbon Cycle Explained

The earth's carbon is endlessly cycled between the atmosphere, plants and animals. Where does fossil carbon come into the equation?
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Carbon Neutral- What Does It Mean?

One of the eco-buzzwords that has appeared recently is the phrase "carbon neutral", but what does that really mean?
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What Is A Carbon Footprint?

Everybody's talking about their carbon footprint, but what is a carbon footprint anyway? Is it as simple as it sounds?
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Vehicle CO2 Estimator

Estimate your vehicle's CO2 emissions based on fuel type, fuel economy and distance travelled.
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Vehicle CO2 Calculator

Calculate your vehicle's CO2 emissions based on fuel type and amount of fuel used.
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Renewable Energy

Solar Water Heating Explained

Sunshine is warm, so how can you harness this heat directly to reduce your household energy bills? Use solar-thermal water heating, that's how!
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Domestic Wind Turbines - Not That Great?

Wind power has become very fashionable, but is it a good idea to put a small turbine on your roof? Are small domestic turbines in cities as good an idea as commercial windfarms?
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Electricity Basics for Environmentalists

Why is electricity transmitted at high voltages through huge power lines? How much power is lost carrying electricity long distances? This guide gives you a grounding in electricity generation and transmission.
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E85 Bioethanol - What's All The Fuss?

There has been a great deal of controversy about E85 ethanol recently, but what is it, and what is all the fuss about? We let you know with this guide.
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Biodiesel - An Overview

An increasing number of trucks, buses and cars are being run on biodiesel, but what is it, and how is it different from fossil diesel?
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Octane Ratings Explained

Everybody has heard of octane, but what is it? This guide explains what a fuel's octane rating is, why it is important, and what octane actually has to do with it!
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Energy Saver Lamps

Color Temperature and CRI of Energy Saver Lamps

How do you choose an energy saver lamp that will produce a similar quality of light to your old incandescent bulbs? This guide explains the Color Temperature and Color Rendering Index of fluorescent lamps.
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Mobile Phones

Porting Your Mobile Phone Number In The UK

How do you move between mobile phone networks, but keep the same phone number?
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