Web Server Technical Specs Explained

by Jimmy Martin

When you decide to rent or buy a dedicated web server for your website, you are assaulted with a barrage of technical jargon. You would be forgiven for just closing your eyes and hoping for the best, but with a little research you can understand whether or not you are being offered a great deal. Here are some of the web server technical terms to look out for.

RAM (Random Access Memory)


Hard Disk Drives

See our guide to Hard Disks for Web Servers for more information

Network Connection

What hardware specification would your website need for a dedicated web server? That depends entirely on the individual site. You should seek expert advice, as each site will have its own requirements. This depends on the number of visitors, the size of any downloads, and whether the site uses databases. Hopefully, if your experts tell you that your business's website needs a dedicated server with 2GB RAM, Dual Opterons, a 500GB SATA RAID array and an unlimited 10 Mbit connection, you will know what they are talking about!